Know your vitamins – Focus on E and C

Vitamin C guide: 

How does Vitamin C work?

When it comes to erasing sunspots or brightening up dull skin, Vitamin C is the gold standard in skincare. It is perhaps the most potent antioxidant that can be applied to the skin. Vitamin C works by neutralising free radical damage, and protecting the skin against environmental stressors and UV light, in addition to blocking the abnormal production of pigmentation. In other words, you are left with an even skin tone and fade dark spots. Although it is ideal for brightening, Vitamin C can also firm the skin up. 

How to use Vitamin C?

Vitamin C requires some time to build tolerance upto and most beginners will benefit from a 10% concentration of it in the form of a serum, oil, or moisturiser. While some may benefit from using Vitamin C twice a day every day, others will see changes in their skin from incorporating it just thrice a week. You want to find the right frequency of use for your skin type, and this will also vary based on other skincare activities you might be using. 

Who is Vitamin C for?

Anybody looking to brighten up their skin will benefit from adopting Vitamin C into their routine. It is geared toward helping with dull skin issues. For those with sunspots and other hyperpigmentation, using Vitamin C over time will result in dark spots fading. Mature skin can also see a benefit from using Vitamin C since it is known to help with fine lines and signs of aging. 

Vitamin E guide:

How does Vitamin E work?

Like any other antioxidant, Vitamin E scavenges for free radicals in the skin cells and neutralises them thereby interrupting the process of cell oxidation that can show up as signs of aging or other damage on the skin. Being naturally thicker and oil-based, Vitamin E is fat-soluble and works to moisturise the skin deeply, and can protect it from external irritants and other environmental aggressors. 

How to use Vitamin E?

You can easily incorporate Vitamin E into almost any skincare routine since it works for every skin type. Most people opt to use Vitamin E in a moisturiser twice a day. You can also find Vitamin E facial oils that can be used as a daytime moisturiser for drier skin types and a nighttime treatment for most skin types. It is most effective when used twice a day regularly. 

Who is Vitamin E for?

Vitamin E is for anyone looking to condition their skin for a long period of time. Dry skin types are very likely to benefit from this Vitamin because it both nourishes the skin while keeping it supple for a long period. Oily skin types might find Vitamin E oil too thick to apply directly but can reap its benefits in the form of a moisturiser or lotion. Vitamin E is great to incorporate into a body skincare routine as well since it can help with a lot of the free radical damage the skin undergoes regularly. 

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