Paraben Free Shampoo for Hair

What’s paraben-free shampoo?

Parabens have been used as cosmetic preservatives in the beauty industry since the 1920s. They have primarily been used to increase the shelf life of products like shampoos, conditioners, skincare products, and soaps. Over the years, the side effects and long-term exposure to parabens have turned into a cause for concern for some people. A few studies have found that parabens can accumulate in the body, mimic hormones like estrogen, and potentially impact reproduction. 

However, this data has come under scrutiny since it cannot be replicated in other studies, and most people seem divided on parabens’ safety. Although pretty much every good beauty product relies on preservatives, using paraben-free products may be preferable for some people. In this light, a paraben-free shampoo contains no parabens but uses other types of preservatives to maintain its shelf life. 

Why use paraben-free shampoo? 

The evidence on parabens is contentious, where there are two distinct camps of people who either agree that it is harmful or argue that it is safe. In the camp of individuals who argue that parabens are harmful, studies are cited showing that they can be easily absorbed through the skin and scalp, accumulate in the body, mimic the hormone estrogen, and potentially interfere with menstruation and reproductive activities in the long term. Some people might also be allergic to parabens. 

In the opposite camp, cosmetic scientists have questioned the efficacy of the studies that fear-monger the danger of parabens in the general population. Besides parabens, most skincare is easily absorbed through the skin and accumulates in the body, and parabens mimicking estrogen appears to be debatable since these findings haven’t been replicated in other studies besides one. Whether or not you want to use parabens is your decision, and for those who wish to stray on the safer end of decisions, there are many paraben-free hair care products available. 

Is paraben-free shampoo good for hair?

Paraben-free on its own does not imply that the shampoo will work for your hair. Paraben-free simply means the shampoo probably uses a different preservative other than parabens to help it last on your shelf. Every hair type will do well with different ingredients which need to be formulated well to create a good shampoo. There are so many paraben-free options available today that you will likely find shampoo for your hair type and concern without these preservatives. 

You can also find shampoos that use preservatives that are completely natural. The best way to know if a paraben-free shampoo will benefit your hair is to see whether people with your hair type or hair concerns have validated it in product reviews, or look for high-quality ingredients in the formula of the shampoo. Check out the Auravedic Hair Fall Control shampoo which is both SLS and paraben-free, and contains powerful ingredients like Brahmi, Bringhraj, Shikakai, and Amla, that strengthen your hair from the root.  

Do you really know what’s in your shampoo?

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