Bye Bye Dark Spots

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Lighten Spots and Uneven Patches : This Combo of Skin Lightening Oil and Skin Lightening Polish  is a simple 2 step system to lighten dark spots. Effective ingredients like Turmeric, Saffron ,  Ashwagandha and  natural jojoba beads work together to lighten dark spots and uneven patches making your skin clear and even.

How it will help your skin:  Dark spots and patches get lighter with regular use of this combination of products. Exfoliates Dead Skin that causes a buildup of residue making skin look more uneven.

The Skin Lightening Oil smoothens your skin and lightens dark spots.

The Skin Lightening Polish  exfoliates dead skin revealing fresh new skin.

Highlighted Ingredients:

Kesar – Promotes a lighter, more radiant and healthy-looking complexion

Haldi – Lightens dark spots and gives skin an even tone.

Ashwagandha- Improves the texture of the skin.

Jojoba – Helps with a gentle action of removing dead skin.

How To Use


Clean face with your regular cleanser

On wet face scrub the Skin Lightening Polish ..

Leave on for 15 to 20 minutes.

Wash off with plain water.

Massage a few drops of the Skin Lightening  Oil in upward motions. after washing off the polish.

Let the oil absorb into the skin. Leave on for best results.

DAILY – Use the Oil daily morning or night for best results.

Suitable for all Skin Types.  Specially beneficial  for skin prone to pigmentation, dark spots and sun tan.


6 reviews for Bye Bye Dark Spots

  1. Deepali Dhabu

    Skin polish is good , oil good as night serum
    the skin polish is good for brightening , skin feels even tone after use. i like it that its Ayurvedic and no chemicals. I am using it twice a week. The oil is good as a night serum I use it eery night with only 3 drops. Spreads evenly and skin feels moisturised. I am expecting good results in long run have just started using it .

  2. sneha rathod

    It so amazing and this helped me alot to reduce the acne spots. It’s best for brides to be . Would definitely purchase it again

  3. Juhi P Yati

    Buying this item second time. Absorbs well, smells good, hydrates really well and I might be imagining it but skin looks better now. Anyway I’m sticking with this oil for now.

  4. Jevi Swu Luikham

    4th mile Diphupar Dimapur nagaland

  5. Arti Mahajan Dhingra

    Amazing products…..I used it and ordering it again….very reasonable too ??


    EXCELLENT ! Very impressive dosen’t dry my skin and keeps it hydrated

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