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3 steps for acne and marks

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An ultimate combination of oil, face polish and mask to reduce acne and marks from the skin.

Made with super ingredients like turmeric , amla and tea tree this acne regime will ensure you get clear pimple free skin.

Using this trio of products regularly will ensure bacteria free skin, clarified pores and lightening of marks.



  • A complete acne care kit for clear complexion: Regular use of these 3 products will give you acne free skin .
  • Lightens marks and acne spots :Turmeric is an antioxidant that lightens marks and gives and even skin tone.

Auravedic skin care tip : It is important to use products that do not overdry the skin .


How to use : Start your day by gently polishing your skin ( once a week) to clarify pores and maintain the oil balance on the face. Wash off and apply the anti blemish clear skin mask for 15 minutes.( can use daily) Let the goodness of tea tree and neem work on the skin. Wash off with plain water . Generously apply the skin lightening oil and leave on for atleast 2 hours. Oil can also be used at night before sleeping..Oil is non sticky and light and will not block the pores.

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