Kumkumadi Spotless Brightening

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  • The best system for lighten dark spots and get an even skin tone .
  • Exfoliate to lighten sun damaged skin
  • Get a radiant glow
  • Super ingredients : Kumkuma, saffron, turmeric
  • KUMKUMADI OIL- This light oil does not block pores but helps to eliminate dirt and make up from face effectively. Also works on skin discoloration and dark spots to make skin clear and smooth.
  • SKIN LIGHTENING POLISH – This skin lightening polish scrubs away UV damaged cells with deep yet gentle exfoliation to reveal clear skin .

This complete set of Kumkumadi Oil and Pure Lightening Skin polish is the best combination for spotless radiant skin. Exfoliate skin with The Lightening Polish to remove dead skin that makes the skin look dull and uneven. Kumkumadi Oil helps to retexture skin making it spotless and radiant. Use of both as a complete skin regimen will give you the best skin.

  • A GREAT COMBINATION OF 2 PRODUCTS : The best system for bright spotless skin and even skin tone .
  • EXFOLIATE TO REMOVE SUN EXPOSED SKIN: Scrub with this gentle polish all the dead skin to reveal healthy new skin underneath.
  • WATCH SKIN BECOME SPOTLESS & RADIANT : Kumkuma the brightening flower will make your skin spotless and radiant and protect new skin.
  • USE TOGETHER FOR BEST RESULTS : Using these 2 products together will ensure you have no dark spots and an  even skin tone  that is also  radiant.Super ingredients like  Sandal, Turmeric and Exotic Kumkuma give you the best skin .
  • HOW TO USE : Wet face and scrub gently  with the Pure Lightening Skin   Polish and wipe off after 15 minutes.Use once or twice a week.
    Follow up with the Kumkumadi Oil to help protect new skin making it spotless and radiant. Massage the oil gently on face and leave on.Oil will absorb quickly and not leave skin greasy.
    Use oil daily for best results on face and body.



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