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Flawless skin is achievable now. Follow this simple glass skin routine to achieve dewy and spotless skin with natural ingredients.

The Nalpamaradi oil is holistic and ideal oil for ultimate skin brightening. Herbs like Manjistha, Chandan and Oudh that are blended in the oil work to reduce fine lines and give an even skin tone.  Long term benefits of this natural oil include fresh skin and an overall brighter complexion without any side effects

Maintaining the PH balance of your skin is The Vitamin C Oil Serum that gives skin a boost of anti-oxidants. This energizing serum ensures your skin has a luminous and healthy glow. As your dark spots diminish, skin gets an even tone making it flawless.

How to use 
Step 1  :-   Massage the Nalpmaradi oil on face for a few minutes and leave on for 10 to 15 minutes.
Step 2 :- Wipe off oil with clean and moist cotton .

Step 3 :- Gently apply a few drops of the Vitamin C Oil Serum on the face. Pay special attention to dark spots and dull areas.

Step 4 :- Leave on. Experience a dewy and flawless complexion.

Use daily night or day.
Suitable for all skin types


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