Kumkumadi Complete Skin Nourishment – Kumkumadi Oil and Lepam

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Complete Acne and Marks Treatment  : This combination of Auravedic Kumkumadi oil and Anti Blemish Clear Skin Mask is the complete treatment for acne prone skin and open pores. Loaded with natural ingredients such as Kumkuma, Neem, Tea tree and Basil this combo will minimize pimples and lighten marks.How it will help your skin: It will maintain the oil balance of your skin and clarify pores. Minimize the acne and Lighten marks and blemishes.The Kumkumadi  Oil Works on spots and blemishes by lightening them.The Anti Blemish Clear Skin Mask clears bacteria from the pores reducing pimples and acne.Highlighted Ingredients:Kumkuma – Gives skin an even tone making it clear.Tea Tree – Works on spots and minimizes pores.Neem – Reduces acne and pimples.Tulsi – Reduces inflammation and balances oil production on skin.

How To Use

TWICE OR THREE TIMES A WEEK  –Clean face with your regular cleanserApply the mask on face avoiding eyes and mouth.Leave on for 15 to 20 minutes.Wash off with plain water.Massage a few drops of the Kumkumadi Oil in upward motions after washing off the mask.Let the oil absorb into the skin. Leave on for best results.DAILY – Use the Oil daily morning or night for best results.Suitable for all Skin Types.  Specially beneficial  acne and marks prone skin with open pores.


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