ORANGE BATH SALTS- Soothes and calms tired muscles.

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Orange Bath salts are a great way to energise your skin . They remove dead skin gently and make
your skin feel soft and silky. Its an ultimate experience to pamper your skin. Soothes and relaxes
tired and sore muscles.

  • HOW TO USE : Take a generous amount and scrub all over wet body. Wash off with plain water or shower.
  • SOOTHES & CALMS : Soothes tired muscles and feet
  • MAKES YOU FEEL FRESH & ENERGETIC: Improves skin condition
  • EXOTIC INFUSIONS- Beautiful blends of Orange & Lemon oil to pamper your skin.
  • GREAT WAY TO EXFOLIATE SKIN- Remove dead skin and experience soft new skin
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES. With luxurious ingredients like sea salt, dead sea salt, almond oil, jojoba oil, orange peel , Vitamin E.


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