Skin Lightening Care

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This skin lightening polish scrubs away UV damaged cells with deep yet gentle exfoliation to reveal clear skin . Skin gets an even skin tone that is smooth and glowing. Saffron, turmeric and sandalwood lighten dark spots and diminish pigmentation marks.

Suitable for all skin types .

Use once or twice a week specially after sun exposure for best results .

YOUR AURAVEDIC SKIN CARE TIP – Protect skin from harmful UV rays by using good suncare products ; wear hats and use umbrellas when exposed to the sun.

  • REMOVES DEAD SKIN : Polishes skin to reveal new fresh skin
  • MAINTAINS EVEN SKIN TONE : Super ingredients like Turmeric and sandalwood improve quality of skin .
  • ¬†HOW TO USE : This gentle polish can be used on the face , neck and body atleast once or twice a week as a beauty regime.Gently scrub on moist face and wipe off gently after 10 to 15 minutes. Do not use a face wash for atleast 2 hours after polishing. Use once or twice¬† a week as per problem

Secret to lighter brighter Skin: This Skin lightening Formula is loaded with ingredients like Sandal ,Turmeric and Saffron that help reduce the appearance of Dark spots ,Pigmentation and Uneven skin tone.Gentle on Skin: For soft, clear ,brighter skin, nothing is more effective than Auravedic skin lightening Formula.Specially formulated with Highly Moisturizing & highly effective Blend Of Soothing Sandal, Precious Saffron and Healing Turmeric.Made using our proprietary blend, which includes several natural and organic ingredients.: With a mission to create a potent cream formula that will give users of all skin types great results while keeping your complexion nourished and healthy .We used some amazing ingredients like Sandal , Saffron and Turmeric and a special blend of herbs to help ensure that this cream is one of the best available.Jojoba oil delivers intense hydration and promotes moisture retention, increasing elasticity for visibly improved lift and tone, while Aloe calms and reduces redness.

  • A luxurious hydrating, refining, and brightening cream that helps correct pigmentation boost luminosity to reveal beautifully radiant, even toned skin.
  • This lightening and Brightening Cream is an innovative moisturizer that works to correct pigmentation, boost luminosity, and visibly firm skin, revealing a luminous, smoother-looking complexion.
  • The ultra-cream combines the unrivalled brightening powers of Saffron , Turmeric ,Sandalwood ,Licorice, Amla- power packed with best natural lightening and brightening ingredients-with antioxidant actives to correct hyperpigmentation and unify the skin.
  • Enriched with wheatgerm oil, the revitalizing formula increases hydration, restoring the skin’s structure, and combats oxidative stresses that cause premature aging and dark spots.


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