Total Spot and Pigmentation Control

Total Spot and Pigmentation Control


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A powerful set of three products curated to diminish and target dark spots and pigmentation naturally and safely.

Product 1: Vitamin C Brightening Cream with SPF – We know that over-exposure to the sun without protection can cause spots and uneven skin. So the first step to prevent patchy skin is to start your day with sunscreen.

The benefits of using the Auravedic Sunscreen is that it has a high SPF of 50 plus its packed with vitamin C to fade existing marks and spots.

Product 2: Dark Spot Corrector Cream- Reduce and Fade Spots and Pigmentation with this highly effective cream, that delivers the goodness of highly rich ingredients such as wheatgerm oil, almond oil and avocado . Keeps skin clear and even.
Product 3: Skin Lightening Oil- This ever popular Face Oil is formulated to reduce discoloration and pigmentation on skin. When applied over the cream it helps seal the goodness into the skin and leaves the skin texture smooth and clear.

Anti-inflammatory turmeric reduces skin inflammation that can cause redness and patchiness. It helps lightens spots and patches. Makes the skin more even toned and clear.
Ashwagandha- The miracle ingredient-Ashwagandha used in beauty potions helps keep the skin free of radicals and lightens dark spots effectively

Wheatgerm Oil:
The vitamins in wheat germ oil increase cell production and reveal fresher new cells. It also aids in keeping the skin more even toned by improving cell quality.

Vitamin C oil:
Potent anti-oxidant Vitamin C aids in your skin’s natural regeneration process, which helps your body repair damaged skin cells. This means it repairs and renews skin cells to give a brighter look to the skin.

Regular use of this powerful set of 3 products will help improve spots and pigmentation


Clean face as usual and apply the Vitamin C Brightening Cream by 8.00 am

Smoothen the Vitamin C cream on the face and neck area

Leave on to soak into the skin.

Reapply by 1.00 pm

Use daily indoors or outdoors


Clean face as usual
Start your regime by applying the Dark Spot Corrector Cream.
Let it soak in for 10 minutes.
Gently massage the Skin Lightening Oil over the cream
Leave on overnight for best results.
Wash face the next morning with plain water

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