Under Eye Cream for Dark Circles

How do under eye creams work?

The skin around the eyes is so delicate that it tends to show signs of aging before the rest of the skin on the body. Under-eye creams are made specifically for this thin delicate skin. These creams work by hydrating the under-eye area and gently moisturising it to keep the skin plump and healthy. The fatty acids in eye creams can work to improve the skin’s texture. Finally, the thicker occlusives in eye creams can block water from escaping the under-eye area keeping it nourished and hydrated for longer. 

How to use under eye creams

To get the most out of under-eye creams, it is recommended to use them twice a day in your AM and PM skincare routine. In the mornings, apply eye cream as the second last step in your skincare routine and top it off with SPF 50. Eye creams only work well when you protect your skin from UV  damage. At night, after washing off the sunscreen and grime of your face, finish up your PM routine and top it off with a thicker eye cream to keep the area nourished as you sleep.

Ingredients to look out for

Interested in eye-creams? Everyone has different eye concerns from puffy under eyes, to dark circles that just don’t leave. Each of these concerns will require targeting treatments in skincare. Here are the different ingredients you can look for based on your concerns: 

For puffy eyes: Puffiness has to do with fluid retention. Besides avoiding salty foods, drinking enough water, and getting good rest, you can opt for a hydrating eye cream with cooling ingredients like tea tree and menthol. Ensure you avoid applying cooling essential oils to your under-eye area since these can travel and go into your eyes. Instead look for a product with hydrating ingredients and extracts of tea tree oil, menthol, eucalyptus, and more. 

For dark circles: Dark circles occur when the skin under the eyes develops a natural pigmentation from a lack of moisture in the area. You want skin brightening ingredients SPF to protect your skin from getting further pigmented and as much moisture under the eyes as possible. Opt for ingredients like Vitamin C, avocado oil, grapeseed oil, and more. This helps lighten the skin under the eyes, while SPF prevents further UV damage to the area. Vitamin C cream with SPF 50 can double as a great under-eye treatment during the day since it will brighten the area and protect it at the same time. 

For fine lines: For fine lines, you want to opt for thicker eye creams than normal since these moisturising ingredients fill in the lines in the skin and make it appear more youthful and plump. Opt for eye creams made out of face oils like avocado oil. Rosehip oil is rich in vitamin A which prevents aging and can be used under the eyes as a treatment during the day. Ensure your eye cream is rich and opt for vitamin-rich plant oils to supply the area with antioxidants. 

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