Ayurvedic Treatment for Pigmentation on Face

Pigmentation home remedies
Pigmentation treatment in Ayurveda

According to Ayurvedic scriptures, everybody has some amount of Pitta dosha in their skin. A sub-dosha of the Pitta dosha is known as the Bhrajaka Pitta. This sub-dosha is responsible for the regulation of different skin functions such as thermoregulation and melanin production. When you aggravate the Bharajaka PItta, this can result in the over-production of melanin known as hyperpigmentation.

Pigmentation cream for face

One of the best ways to tackle pigmentation is through a moisturiser with the right activities. Certain natural activities gently enhance skin colour and tone, while preventing free-radical damage to the skin. This results in dark spots fading giving one a fresher look. With ingredients like wild turmeric (which visibly lightens dark spots), avocado oil (rich in omegas that can help treat pigmentation), and Vitamin E oil (an antioxidant that gently nourishes the skin while keeping it youthful), the Vedic night repair cream is made for treating your dark spots overnight.

Pigmentation during pregnancy

Pregnancy results in multiple changes to the skin, of which one of the most common outcomes is melasma. Melasma is the dark spots that arise from hormonal fluctuations experienced during pregnancy. Pigment-producing melanin cells get stimulated by female-sex hormones that are produced in excess during pregnancy. While these spots can fade a few months after delivery, they can be troublesome to deal with, so having the right skincare to treat this pigmentation early on is helpful.

Some common home remedies for pigmentation include:

Yoghourt or milk: Both milk and yoghourt contain lactic acid, an alpha-hydroxy acid that gently exfoliates the skin, and can lighten dark spots when used regularly. Applying a milk-soaked cotton ball to the affected areas on the skin could work to fade dark spots.
Vitamin C: Vitamin C found in natural sources like lemon, grapefruit, or papaya can work to brighten the skin immediately since it has gentle exfoliation properties and is a powerful antioxidant.
Aloe vera: One of the most gentle, hydrating, and skin-friendly natural ingredients is aloe vera. To reduce your pigmentation over time, simply apply aloe vera to the desired area. Rich in VItamin C and E, it gently nourishes the skin while lightening dark spots.
Pigmentation natural remedies
Some natural remedies for pigmentation are:
Licorice extract: an antioxidant that can exfoliate the skin gently and lighten dark spots.
Sage: Helps to even out an uneven skin tone resulting from frequent breakouts and scarring.
Turmeric: Visibly lightens dark spots
Avocado: Rich in Vitamin C and omegas that help lighten pigmentation.
Pigmentation removal
Pigmentation removal can be an expensive and tricky procedure to navigate since most modern therapies tend to be invasive. There are many natural ways to remove pigmentation, the foremost among which is ayurvedic treatments. Made using purely natural extracts that work without side effects, the Vedic Repair Night cream works as a pigmentation treatment that visibly lightens dark spots overnight. Made with powerful ingredients like sage, licorice extract, wild turmeric, and avocado, you can even out your skin tone, gently renew skin cells, and protect your skin from free radical damage all from one product.

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