Kumkumadi Toner

Fresher Glowing Skin

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A toner is a very important step in our skin care routine. Choose a toner that is non – alcoholic with a blend of natural floral waters and your skin will thank you.
Our Kumkumadi Toner is formulated with natural bio - actives to avoid skin irritations and dryness. It's rich ingredients have been chosen carefully to give the skin a natural glow with a dewy look.
Multifunctional Kumkumadi Toner is a skin freshener that will keep the skin hydrated, it is also a gentle toner to help minimize pores and a natural mist to set your make up.
Suitable for all skin types this moisture boosting Kumkumadi Toner is best for
  • A Natural glow
  • Hydrated skin
  • A Fresh feel
  • Minimized and tight pores
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Hand Crafted With Love

Each product is handcrafted, mixed, and packed by hand; there are no machine perfections; instead, each product is crafted with of love.

Authentic Ayurveda

Every Ayurvedic ingredient we use is sourced from the such an area where it is known to be for the most supreme quality.

No Harmful Chemicals

We are persistent in our work, and we make sure to use ingredients and packaging that reduce our environmental impact.


We are 100% natural, use sustainable practices, and are against any animal testing on our products.

Proven Results

Our motive is to provide you with superior results organically, and for that, we use plant extracts, which are very effective and sourced sustainably.

100% Purity Guaranteed

Our identity is purity. From the sourcing of products to the finish, we use the purest, ethically chosen ingredients.