Simple Tips to Build Your Immunity

We live in uncertain and scary times- Times where everyone is talking about being safe and healthy. It has become very important that we build our immunity so we don’t fall prey to this invisible enemy.

Immunity is built up over a period of time, so a daily intake of variety of nourishing, wholesome foods along with a healthy lifestyle is a complete way of ensuring you have a strong immunity.

Here are some easy tips to build your immunity that you can do at home without any expensive equipment or diet.


Eat a healthy but balanced meal daily. This should include fresh fruits and vegetables with energy filled healthy carbohydrates. Look for vitamin enriched foods specially Vitamin C that are antioxidant and anti-inflammatory rich to help keep our immune system fighting fit. Special mention must be made of foods like oranges, lemons, turmeric and amla and loads of leafy vegetables.

Consume sufficient milk products for calcium, Vitamin D and quality proteins, which are the building block for our cells. Ensure you also pack in minerals like zinc, copper and selenium available through foods or supplements.


Stress causes the immune system to work less efficiently, as the ability of the system to fight antigens becomes less. Try meditation and keep communication open with family and friends to keep your mind happy.

Engage in a favourite hobby and give yourself plenty of me – time to relax, listen to music, read or watch your favourite movies.

Set simple goals that can be achieved to avoid stress and clutter of the mind.


Keeping fit has multiple benefits for the body and mind. When you exercise, you release endorphins that keep you happy and prepare your body to fight diseases

Set aside 30-45 minutes daily for a walk or yoga or any physical movement you can do at home.

Involve family members and make it a team workout for added fun so exercising does not seem like a chore.

Stay Hydrated–

Drink a minimum of 10 glasses of water a day. Hydration keeps you feeling energetic and also helps with a good response to infections.

Avoid excess caffeine as that draws out water from our body making it dehydrated.

Water and water rich foods also help your skin to stay fresh and adds a natural glow to the complexion.

This is a time when our health has to be our foremost priority. With a few easy steps we can work on building a strong metabolism and our immunity to keep ourselves safe and healthy for the good times ahead.

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