SkinCare Routine for Summer – Get it

Yes! We have entered Summer of 2020. As the seasons change, our Skincare Routine for Summer requires a change. Shifting from an older Skincare routine to a newer one or atleast altering it is imminent during a change of seasons. However, to help figure this out for you, we have brought a list of things to keep in mind. Let us rediscover this skincare regime.

“My skin is safe from the sun if I can stay away from sunlight – maybe stay indoors all day!”

Has such a statement gone across your mind, especially given the quarantine time related to the Covid-19 pandemic. For all the distress and sadness this pandemic has brought, you might think this quarantine is a boon for your skin.

Just think about it – No pollution, no dirt, no sun exposure! means no dark spots and no pigmentation! Obvious conclusion, right?

“You could not be more wrong.”

Benefits of Sunlight for Skin

Before we embark upon the skincare routine for summer, first, let’s understand that the benefits of the sun for our well being out weigh the cons. Sunlight provides us with much-needed supply of natural Vitamin D. This is a well-know fact and is essential for:

Our skin and bone health
To regulate our metabolism and reduce inflammation in our body.
So staying indoors for an extended period of time is detrimental to our overall health and does nothing good for our skin.

Being Responsible for your Skin

But, let us also understand that it is extremely important to maintain a proper skin care routine to protect ourselves from the harm that the sun can do to our skin. So quarantined or not, we need to be up and running with our skin care routine.

“Our skin care routine must include products that protect from the sun and also work on existing skin problems.” – Auravedic

Natural Beauty Products – Avoiding Artificial Products

Also, the good news is that there are plenty of natural beauty products out there to keep your skin; ‘sun problem free’ and minimize your risk of harsh chemicals on your face. It is our recommendation that you try to avoid artificial beauty products as much as possible.

Simply put, “It is not worth it!”

5 Step Authentic SkinCare Routine – Protection from Sun & Pollution

So what must a good sun care routine involve? Whether you are indoors or outdoors, these are some products that you must include in your daily skin care regime.

Have a cleanser to keep your skin free of grime and bacteria. Remember, skin patches and spots can become bigger and more visible if dirt and oils are left on the face for a long period of time. Your cleanser can be water or oil based as per your comfort and skin type.

Face Mask:
Face Mask is a must-have to target those spots and pigmentation patches on your skin, in a specific manner. Choose a Face Mask with natural ingredients such as turmeric and sandalwood to lighten dark spots and uneven skin patches.

Skin Polish:
Regular exfoliation is a boon to remove dead skin. Skin Polish specifically does that. Dead skin makes skin look dull and lifeless. As harmful UV rays touch our skin and stay on our face, over time, they flare up in the form of discolored skin, dark spots and uneven skin tone by changing the melanin production.

Sun Block:
Whether you are indoors or outdoors, the UV rays are powerful enough to penetrate your skin. Wearing a sun block every day is the best protection for your skin to counter the harmful effects of the sun. Even it be a minimal exposure to sun, this would keep you highly protected.

Leave in Skin Oil or Serum:
Finish your daily skincare routine with a leave on skin oil or serum. There are many useful essential skin oils and similar serums. This will not only protect, but also help eliminate existing problems such as dark spots and pigmentation on your face and of course make your face glow!

With the above 5 authentic steps in place, you have got for yourself an Effective Skincare Routine for Summer.

Remember the sun is our friend. With regular care and use of products with the right ingredients you will be safe from the harmful effects of the sun.

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