Kumkumadi Oil Uses & Ingredients

Kumkumadi Oil Uses & Ingredients - AURAVEDIC
1. What are Kumkumadi tailam uses?

Kumkumadi oil is an ayurvedic herb used for the purpose of facial massage. It not only improves your skin texture while helping relieve skin conditions like acne and pigmentation, but it also helps with dry skin conditions such as eczema. Kumkuma comes from the Indian word ‘saffron’ which is the core ingredient in Kumkumadi oil. Here are some of the main uses of this oil:

  • Helps improve the texture of your skin.
  • Reduces acne scars, blemishes, pimple marks, blackheads, tan, wrinkles, under-eye circles, hives, insect bites, discoloration, and pigmentation on the skin.
  • This oil is great for the purpose of a facial massage.
  • Used to balance sebum production over time for oily skin types.
  • It has both a nourishing and cleansing effect on the skin.
  • Since it is full of antioxidants, it also has anti-aging properties and can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Improves dry skin conditions like dry or rough patches, eczema, and heals inflamed or irritated skin.
  • It is used to improve the radiance of the skin since it helps the skin glow.
  • Over time, kumkumadi tailam oil can also help fade sun tan if applied religiously and skin is kept protected from the sun.
  • Used to improve the complexion of the skin since it increases blood flow to the surface of the skin.
  • Can be used for lymphatic massage as a facial oil with added benefits since it contains multiple herbs that have anti-inflammatory effects on the skin.
2. What are the main Kumkumadi tailam ingredients?

Kumkumadi oil is an ayurvedic facial oil often described as a miracle elixir by many. The main ingredients that can be found in kumkumadi tailam are :

  • Kesar also known as saffron or crocus sativus which is the core ingredient that makes kumkumadi oil what it is, helps improve the complexion of the skin by increasing blood flow.
  • Chandana or pterocarpus santalinus is the second main ingredient in kumkumadi oil. This is known to reduce pimples, acne scars, dullness, blemishes, and suntan on the skin.
  • Laksha or lacifer is a gum-like substance that speeds up the wound healing process. It can also relieve other conditions like nasal bleeding.
  • Daruharidra, also known as haldi or turmeric, is a vibrant yellow Indian spice that is both anti-inflammatory and antiseptic It helps with infections and evading
  • Vetiver, with its potent antiseptic properties, can aid in both calming the mind and balancing hormonal disorders. It improves circulation in the skin and aids in treating hormonal disorders.
  • Padmaka or lotus flower extracts obtained effectively help in reducing pain and inflammation and aids in treating bleeding disorder cough and cold symptoms, and asthma.
  • Vata or Banyan is also used in kumkumadi oil. This ingredient is highly effective at treating moles and healing scars on the skin.

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