Kumkumadi Tailam Uses, Ingredients

Kumkumadi tailam oil is a miracle elixir made of a wholesome blend of plant oils, fruit, flowers, and more. With a millennia oil formula that has been time-tested across generations, it’s no surprise this oil is an all-in-one for most skin concerns. Wondering what kumkumadi is used for? Here are some of its most common uses.

Used to nourish dry skin especially eczema-prone skin since kumkumadi tailam oil is made of rich plant oils that keep the skin nourished for long periods. It can reduce dryness and skin irritation since it also has anti-inflammatory properties.
Used as a way to treat redness and acne since it is anti-inflammatory and friendly for sensitive skin types. With a lot of antibacterial ingredients, it not only kills pre existing bacteria but also prevents future breakouts.
Even oily skin types can benefit from kumkumadi tailam (although they should use it a bit more sparingly). The oil can help regulate their sebum production by providing the skin with linoleic rich fatty acids. Over time, this can help the skin perform better.
Kumkumadi oil can be used as a treatment for hyperpigmentation because it helps treat the skin’s excessive melanin production by supplying it with antioxidants and gently renews the skin’s cells.
It is also used to improve the complexion of the skin since it improves blood circulation resulting in a more even skin tone with a healthy glow.
Kumkumadi tailam ingredients

Here are some of the most popular ingredients used in kumkumadi oil.

Crocus Sativus: Perhaps the most important ingredient in kumkumadi tailam is crocus sativus. This herb not only helps the skin when it comes to complexion, but it also improves the skin’s tone by making it much more radiant. Crocus sativus has traditionally been used to treat different kinds of skin conditions like acne and hyperpigmentation. It can also be used to make a herbal face pack.
Rubia cordifolia: A second very important ingredient is known by its Indian name as Manjistha or Indian madder. The improved blood circulation that kumkumadi tailam offers tend to be primarily due to this herb, in particular. This herb can also help the skin remove toxins to provide a well-nourished base.
Pterocarpus santalinus: This is the third most important ingredient in kumkumadi tailam and goes by the Indian name of Chandana or sandalwood. To be more specific, it is sandalwood oil that is derived from this tree bark which is used in kumkumadi tailam to prepare soaps. The oil helps to soften the skin and is helpful in treating conditions like dark spots.
Nelumbo nucifera: This is an essential ingredient in kumkumadi tailam which gives it its skin-healing powers. Also known as Kamal Kesar, this ingredient is extracted from the lotus plant. It is used as a remedy for all kinds of skin diseases and also helps improve the complexion of the skin.

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