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Vitamin C Oil: This potent oil is enriched with Vitamin C, avocado, and rosehip oil and will not only leave your skin luminous but also boost its immunity. It is particularly helpful in speeding up the skin’s healing process, fading acne scars, hydrating the skin, and protecting against pollutants. Recommended for those looking to boost their skin brightness, fade scars, and even out their skin texture.
Vitamin E Oil: Both moisturizing and nourishing, this Vitamin E and rosehip oil-enriched formula can help those with excess sebum balance it out, and restore the skin by healing its barrier. The omegas in the rosehip will give your skin an inner glow while preventing whiteheads and blackheads that naturally arise from excess sebum. Although suited to all skin types, this oil is especially beneficial for oily skin types and combo skin with an oily T-zone.
Nalpamaradi Thailam Oil: Dry skin types-this one’s for you. For the ultimate luminosity and supple skin, this century-old Ayurvedic formula is enriched with ingredients like vetiver, manjistha, oudh, and sandalwood. This oil works wonders to improve rough and patchy skin by deeply moisturizing it and evening it out over time.
Firming Age Oil: Made with powerful antioxidants like grape seed oil and avocado oil, this formula targets signs of ageing, while visibly improving the skin’s radiance within a matter of weeks. It also restores the skin’s barrier to protect it against environmental damage. While suited to all skin types, it is especially beneficial for ageing skin, dull skin, targeting fine lines, age spots, and premature wrinkles.
Kumkumadi Oil: A beauty elixir made with exotic herbs like saffron, and manjistha which target all kinds of skin concerns–from giving you an inner glow to fading persistent pigmentation. Especially beneficial for lifeless skin with fine lines and dark spots, and dry and dehydrated skin looking for a nourishing boost.
Skin Lightening Oil: For those pesky dark spots, and hyperpigmentation that just doesn’t fade, this bestselling formula is made to heal your skin. With the power of haldi, ashwagandha, and kesar, get even-toned skin, fade your dark spots, and retexturize your skin while naturally protecting it from UV damage. Especially useful in remedying skin with sunspots, age-spots, scars, and marks.
Why use a facial oil

Face oils can be an all-in-one miracle worker for the skin. They supply the skin barrier with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, gradually improving its health and promoting an inner glow. Face oils also benefit the skin by retexturing uneven skin, fading dark spots, brightening dull skin, regulating sebum production, and protecting the skin barrier by sealing in moisture. They are an easy way to add an extra nutrient boost to the skin and can be used as an overnight treatment. Read more about why facial oils are essential in a skincare routine.

How to use a facial oil

Use a face oil under your sunscreen and makeup during the day for even application, or overnight as a deep skin treatment while you sleep. Based on your skin type and concerns, you can use face oil anywhere between twice a day every day or just overnight once a week. However, the more frequently you use it, the quicker you will see benefits. Still curious about how you can incorporate a face oil into your routine? Here’s a guide.

What is a facial oil made up of

A face oil is made up of one or more natural plant oils that are rich in lipids that will replenish the skin and prevent the loss of moisture. Typically, a base oil will ‘carry’ more potent extracts of powerful oils. Its ideal to look for a combination of oils to get multiple benefits such as anti-inflammatory action (from a potent tea tree oil) and deep moisturization (from the base avocado oil). During the extraction process of plant oils, some of the benefits can be lost. So, it’s best to opt for cold-pressed face oils that preserve the natural goodness of their ingredients. Here’s more on how Auravedic face oils are made.

What to look for in a facial oil (quality/composition)

When oils are exposed to high heat and chemicals during their extraction process, most of their nutrients break down. This is why it’s important to look for cold-pressed oils. These oils are of higher quality since this method is heat and chemical-free. Cold-pressing preserves the majority of the benefits of the plants it is extracted from. It’s also valuable to look at the composition of face oils when screening them. Good face oils use a high-quality base oil to which extracts of beneficial essential oils are added. Look for a base oil that will suit your skin type- such as rosehip or jojoba oil for oily skin, and avocado or olive oil for dry skin. Read more on how to select the right face oil for your skin.

The difference of Ayurvedic oils

Ayurvedic formulations stand out in comparison to the homemade face oils you can find today. For centuries we have known that ayurvedic ingredients are incredibly powerful on their own. They assist with suppressing inflammation, improving blood flow, increasing collagen production, speeding up exfoliation, and much more. In combination with one another, Ayurvedic ingredients can treat the most persistent skin concerns Indian women face–from premature aging to hyperpigmentation. The best part is that there are no harsh chemicals. Ayurvedic oils rely only on all-natural ingredients with plant preservatives that our grandmothers loved in formulas that continue to satisfy today. Check out our line of Ayurvedic oils and why they work so well.

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